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you Spendgo

Spendgo gives your business the omnichannel marketing tools to successfully engage, retain and incentivize customers. Our patented technology allows us to comprehensively monitor customer line-item spending at a fraction of the implementation time and cost of a traditional POS integration. Captivation™, our latest customer engagement tool, creates a uniquely branded customer experience while seamlessly closing the redemption loop with our instinctively intuitive interface and no complicated staff training. At Spendgo, we deliver optimal results by capturing line-item, measurable spending data while seamlessly implementing with any POS system. Request a demo and start measuring your customer results today!


Established at the forefront of technology in foggy San Francisco, our dedicated team has revolutionized the loyalty industry by providing an unparalleled service that better connects customers, brands and merchants. Founder and CEO, Ivan Matkovic, initially came up with the Spendgo concept based off of one persistent problem; like most, he was tired of dealing with the hassle of keeping paper receipts and rewards cards year after year. So, in 2008, following the invaluable advising from his college professor, John Durham, Spendgo was born as the digital solution for receipts and loyalty programs. Starting with Ivan, three engineers and a warehouse, Spendgo signed its very first customers in Berkeley, CA. Today, Spendgo is located in stores nationwide and growing rapidly. We're excited about our future and hope you'll join us for the ride!
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