Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spendgo?
Spendgo gives your business the omnichannel marketing tools to successfully engage, retain and incentivize customers. Our patented technology allows us to comprehensively monitor customer line-item spending at a fraction of the implementation time and cost of a traditional POS integration. Captivation™, our latest customer engagement tool, creates a uniquely branded customer experience while seamlessly closing the redemption loop with our instinctively intuitive interface and no complicated staff training. At Spendgo, we deliver optimal results by capturing line-item, measurable spending data while seamlessly implementing with any POS system. Request a demo and start measuring your customer results today!
What is Captivation™ by Spendgo?
Captivation™ by Spendgo gives your business the lightweight and effective tools to successfully engage customers at every touchpoint, whether at POS, via email, mobile and more. With effectively robust components that cost a fraction of other solutions, Captivation™ starts generating powerful, profitable results in less time, guaranteed. Included in Spendgo's Captivation™ package is our fully customizable Interactive Display, our patented Transaction Link™ and our Cloud Suite for businesses and individual account management.
How does Spendgo work?
Spendgo utilizes our patented technology to collect line-item receipt details at the point of sale, match them to a customer's Spendgo account and reward them for what they bought.
How do I get started?
Great question! We'd love to get you started measuring your customers' line-item data and increasing your business loyalty! Contact us at or Request A Demo today!
How do customers earn points?
Captivation™ by Spendgo allows customers to engage with your program and earn points in several ways.

Customers enter their phone number on the Interactive Display to instantly earn points on their purchase.

Receipt Code:
If a customer forgets their phone number, a receipt footer prints with instructions on how they can still earn points on that transaction.

Mobile Device:
On the receipt footer, we provide a unique QR code that can be scanned using the Spendgo iPhone App or any other barcode scanner app.

Online Orders:
Customers enter their Spendgo activated phone number when placing their online order to instantly earn points on their purchase.

Phone-in Orders:
Customers can provide their Spendgo activated phone number over the phone when placing their order to automatically earn points on their purchase with no extra effort from your staff!

What is the Spendgo Control Panel?
The Spendgo Control Panel for businesses is the one-stop source for program analytics, real-time in-store activity, customer management and email and SMS marketing tools.
I forgot my Control Panel log in.
Oh no! Just send an email to and we'll get your sign in credentials to you within 24 business hours.
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