Captivation™ by Spendgo:
customer engagement
made easy.
Spendgo's Captivation™ gives your business the lightweight and effective tools to successfully engage customers at every touchpoint, whether at POS, via email, mobile and more.
Drive customer behaviors with Captivation™ by Spendgo.
With effectively robust components that cost a fraction of other solutions, Captivation™ starts generating powerful, profitable results in less time, guaranteed.
Spendgo Interactive Display
Spendgo Transaction Link
Spendgo Cloud Suite
Interactive Display
Transaction Link™
Cloud Suite
Attract customers with a fully customizable and branded interactive display unit
Capture measurable, line-item spending data using Spendgo's discreet and easy to implement Transaction Link™
Analyze your business by understanding your customer's buying behaviors
Complete Solution, Instant Deployment, Low Costs.
Reward your customers not just for how much they spend, but for what they like and buy from you. Unlike expensive and ungainly POS programs or ineffective app-based approaches, Captivation™ engages your customers right at checkout and shows you exactly what items they buy. This data allows you to construct a rewards program that is fully integrated into your existing infrastructure, meaning there's no complicated software or hardware to install.
easy image
Cardless, paperless, easy to use
No complex customer registration required
Engaging, friendly, and branded customer user interface
plug in play
Plug n' Play
Included hardware at no extra cost
Universal POS integration
Personalize and promote at a category or SKU level
No impact on lane speed
Monitor your workforce and program with analytics
proven roi
Proven ROI
Low cost
Proven track record boasts nearly half a million users today
Guaranteed results
Smart brands choose Spendgo.
Spendgo Dickey's
Spendgo Round Table Pizza
Spendgo Jamba Juice
Spendgo Blue Hawaii
Spendgo PIQ
Spendgo Dickey's
Spendgo Round Table Pizza
Spendgo Jamba Juice
Spendgo Blue Hawaii
Spendgo PIQ
Spendgo Marketing and Design
Spendgo Control Panel
Spendgo Success Management
Marketing & Design
Control Panel
SMS & Email Marketing
We work with you to create the best fully-branded experience in-store, on the web and mobile.
Manage your program's success with cloud based reporting, marketing campaign tools, customer segmentation and more.
Leverage granular customer behavior filters to message members using our integrated messaging tools.
Spendgo Mobile Apps
Spendgo Reporting Updates
Spendgo Customer Service
Included Mobile Account App
Reporting Updates
Complete Care
Customers can use the web or mobile app to track their rewards progress, access digital copies of their receipts, and stay connected with you and your special promotions.
Stay informed about your business's success with our e-reports--track revenue growth, customer adoption and retention, and workforce management analytics.
Our hands-on team is dedicated to your business's success by providing training, on-going technical support, account management, and customer care.
While there are a wide variety of companies who claim to offer a loyalty solution, none could offer the combination of integration ease, line-item awarding, behavioral targeting, and powerful customer engagement that Spendgo does, and which is so critical for our guest loyalty efforts.
- Julie S. Washington, Senior Vice President and Chief Brand Officer at Jamba Juice.

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